There is an amazing amount of construction underway in the UCSD/UTC/Mira Mesa area, including three high-rise projects on campus.   Let’s look first at the UC San Diego campus construction. Almost now complete is the second Living and Learning Campus in the Theater District, pictured here:

The Demographics of California and the Attraction of Selected Southern
California Universities

Now that my new book “The Next Half Century” is published and selling well, I have turned to my next book “America Tomorrow.”

“The Next Half Century” looks into the population and economies of the first, second and third world countries. In the next book, I will be focusing on the next half century in the U.S. and opine on its economy, demography and changes in the lifestyles of Americans.

As a demographer and economist, I always look at demographics as a starting point to predict a country’s path of growth. This past week I focused on California and the UC school system.

As has been widely reported, California is no longer able to brag about its unbridled population gains. The culprits are three-fold: more folks moving out than moving in, women having fewer children, and immigration from abroad has slowed.

The Forthcoming Presidential Election: A Political Puzzle

The forthcoming Presidential Election is going to be the most expensive and probably the closest contest in U.S. history. In this article, I take a look at the various factors that will play a role in the election.

First, I take a look at the United States Senate and its composition. There are 43 states that are either wholly Demographic or wholly Republican. Combined, they form a picture of what the United States looks like and which way it leans.

In terms of leaning, the Republicans lean inland. Four out of five Senate Republicans live inland. Conversely, four out of five Senate Democrats live on the East Coast. None of the Republican Senators serve the West Coast.

2024 Economic Forecast

Alan Nevin offers his viewpoint on the state of the national economy and focuses on the employment and real estate sector on San Diego.

Overall, Alan is very positive about both the U.S. and San Diego economy as we move forward in this election year. He definitely sees a decline in long-term interest rates, a reduction in inflation and an ebullient job market, both Nationally and locally.

Locally, he sees the existing and new home market returning to relative normalcy with prices up 8-10% in 2024. The apartment market will be deadly flat in terms of rents and occupancy as a substantial number of new units come to  market.  Equally flat will be the   office market with the exception of medical office space which will continue to prosper. And all will be well in the retail,  industrial and life science  sectors.