Does the Future Look Bright or Bleak in the Next Half Century?

This highly informative book offers a thought-provoking view of what is in store for the world in the next fifty years.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 228
ISBN: 979-8988614401

Price: 18.99

A Multi-Faceted Real Estate Advisory Firm

Nevin Real Estate Advisors is a multi-faceted real estate advisory firm serving the construction and investment communities, focusing on southern California properties. The NREA team boasts three decades of experience in market research, appraisal, expert witness services, financial analysis and project development and management.

The Nevin Advisors team has worked together on numerous projects over the past decade. They know each others strengths and work together to satisfy the needs of their clients.  The combination of solid leadership, sharing of knowledge, collaboration and access to good resources results in a high quality product for their clients. A team is stronger than the sum of the strengths of its members.