Land Development


With broad experience in delivering complex land development solutions the NREA team can assist developers and property owners in the management processes from initial Due Diligence and Acquisition Feasibility through Forward Planning, Engineering and Construction to final Dispositions of Real Estate Assets.  With decades- long experience in all types of development from subdivisions to large multi-thousand home Master Planned Communities, Bill Kennedy will lead these efforts to provide value added-services to NREA Clients.

Market Studies


Under Alan Nevin’s and Jeff Elden’s leadership, NREA conducts a broad range of market research studies in San Diego County as well as in other metropolitan areas and states. The studies cover a wide range of subject matter, but most often focus on urban residential properties, providing developers with detailed direction on unit mix and sizes, amenities and rents or prices. NREA also completes economic and fiscal impact studies and financial feasibility analyses.

Litigation Support


The NREA team provides the legal industry with expert witness services in a broad range of real estate matters, including partnership disputes, development and construction issues, market supply and demand issues and best practices. They have testified in numerous depositions and trials in southern California. The NREA team’s real world experience, allows them to analyze and opine on both residential and commercial properties with in-depth knowledge.  

Financial Analysis


Bill Kennedy CPA provides the firm with development financial analysis including budgets, cash flows, financial analysis and analysis of acquisitions and dispositions of both residential and commercial properties. He has a multi-decade history in shepherding development of master planned communities, mixed-use development, entitlement and budgeting.

Development Services


Frank Downey and Fred Nagel provide NREA with a broad range of construction management services with three decades of involvement in development of residential and commercial properties including apartment projects, hospitality and schools. Both gentlemen are skilled in building and problem solving from initial programming through the final move-in.



NREA conducts appraisals of investment properties, including office, apartments industrial and other income-producing properties for the business and legal communities.  The appraisals often involve family and corporate trusts and involve deductions for lack of marketability.